Ottawa SEO Workshop – Small Business Education

Ottawa SEO Workshop – Small Business Education

Ottawa SEO Workshop 2018

WORKSHOP THEME: Local SEO & Implementation

Get ready for a full day of knowledge! During this workshop you will learn the basics of local search engine optimization, blogging techniques for better long-term rankings, and how to implement all of the learned techniques into your website. The skills learned are applicable to all platforms (WordPress, SquareSpace, Wix, Weebly, etc.). Each attendee will receive a workbook, and a 12-month membership to the VIP group for post-workshop support. There will also be an implementation & question period for topics not explicitly covered during the workshop.

If you are a small business trying to make an online name for yourself locally, this workshop is for you!

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Why SEO Matters for Small Businesses

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most profitable Return On Investments (RIOs) that a small business can reliably count on when it’s done properly and consistently. There are companies out there that offer SEO services for your website that will do all the nitty gritty work for you (like me!), and there are plenty of things that you can DIY if you’re on the tech savvy side of things. This Local SEO Workshop will allow you to gain the knowledge to improve your website for purposes of showing up on the first few Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and for the very-important human visitors.

Local SEO Workshop Syllabus

By the end of the Local SEO Workshop, you will :

  • Know how to make sure search engines like Google or Bing know your website exists.
  • Know how to create meaningful backlinks to propel your business and your rankings.
  • Know how to ensure ALL of your website’s content is optimized for being found in search engine results.
  • Know the difference between proper optimization techniques, and those that can get you blacklisted.
  • Be aware of other valuable Online Resources for improving your website and monitoring the effect of the changes.
  • Know how to implement all the knowledge you’ve learnt into your website.
  • Implementation Period for those who want to get started right away, but want the added benefit of having the teaching in the room.
  • Q&A Period for those tough questions you’ve been dying to know, are too embarrassed to ask (send them privately and I will post them anonymously), or couldn’t find answers online.

You will leave the workshop with the required knowledge and confidence to improve your site, along with invaluable online resources. You will also have access to the VIP Facebook group, a space where you can ask all of your website & SEO questions, even after the workshop is over.

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Not Quite? Here are some Workshop FAQs

  1. When exactly is it? Friday, October 19 2018, from 9AM-4PM
  2. Can I really learn all of that in 1 day? YES! While the day will certainly be information-packed, you will have the opportunity to ask questions, an implementation period, and the means to use the information you learn during the workshop long after the training is over. Going back over your notes and making actionable tasks is the important part. The free access to the Q&A group is a bonus!
  3. Where exactly is it? The workshop is taking place in Ottawa, Ontario and the exact location will be sent to all registrants 7 days prior to the workshop.
  4. Can we bring our computers? You are encouraged to take notes, whether on paper or electronically, but please keep your activity directly related to the workshop content. It is best to save implementation for AFTER the learning portion of the workshop, and focus on making actionable lists during so you don’t miss anything (it will be a jam-packed workshop!). You can absolutely bring up your website on your screen during the Implementation and Q&A Period to ask the instructor for help for the remaining time.
  5. My website runs on SquareSpace / Wix / Weebly, will I benefit from this workshop? Absolutely! While the implementation portion will be demonstrated within the WordPress platform, the vast majority of the information being taught can be applied to any website. Those running a WordPress website simply have the added benefit of additional plugins to help with implementation (on-page SEO can be used on ALL platforms).
  6. Will you be giving us the notes at the end of the workshop? Regular ticket holders will have access to the Facebook group for asking questions after the training, as well as the full syllabus workbook so you can take notes along-side as we go through the course. The two VIP ticket holders will also receive a copy of all of the decks / slides, resource lists, and a portion of the website work completed for them as part of the examples. If you would like to apply for the VIP ticket, please email

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