How to show up in Google immediately

How to show up in Google immediately

Now don’t get too excited. The title says how to show up in Google immediately, but this does not mean that you will show up on on the first page. Not today, not tomorrow, and probably not even in the next few months for that matter. It just means you will now have a chance because this is the process of how you tell search engines that you exist and that you want to be on page one of the search results. Then you’ve got to work for it. Hard!

SEO Tip Tuesday – How to show up in Google immediately

The following actions will give you an immediate boost:

  • Step 1.
    You want to make sure you are registered as a Google Webmaster.
    They now technically call this section ‘search console’ but all of the tools are the same. I do this for all of my clients.
  • Step 2.
    Add a property. This means add your website and confirm that you own and operate the specific url.
    This step is a lot more complicated than just clicking a button, so if you need assistance, we can set up a meeting and I can walk you trough it or I can do it for you. All of my clients get this done for them.
  • Step 3.
    Submit a sitemap. This tells Google all of the pages that are public and searchable on your site, and exactly where to find them.
  • Step 4.
    Crawl & ‘Fetch as Google’ your site. This will ensure that Google goes to see all of the pages/posts/media/etc. that you submitted in your sitemap, and confirms a visual mock-up of what it sees. Update as necessary.
  • Step 5.
    Do ‘fetch’ for your mobile rendering too to ensure your site is mobile friendly (SUPER IMPORTANT!!!!) and update your site as needed to comply. If it is not, Google has been known to exclude sites from mobile search results. (Google also has an app to verify if you have any mobile errors.)
  • BONUS! Step 6.
    Today, we are focusing on Google but you have to do the same thing for Bing/Yahoo, etc.
    Repeat the same process for Bing and Yahoo.

You will want to repeat steps 3 through 6 anytime you drastically change the content of your website (rewrite, redesign, etc.). Whenever you add a page or post to your site, you will also want to let search engines know (update the sitemap). That is how to show up in Google immediately, instead of waiting and letting them eventually get around to finding you, IF they do.
If you need help implementing the contents of this post, I am happy to help & am only a message away.

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