SEO for Small Businesses | SEO Tips & Tricks – Blogging SEO Checklist

SEO for Small Businesses | SEO Tips & Tricks – Blogging SEO Checklist

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SEO for Small Businesses and Bloggers

Blogging SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Etiquette

How is Blogging SEO different from website SEO? It’s not that far off actually. There are components required for each blog post to be optimized as a stand-alone page, versus a collective optimization for your entire website. Publishing correctly optimized blog posts will help boost your entire website, but each blog post is crawled seperately by Google.

Correct Blogging SEO for Being Found on the First Page of Google

Now for the important question: How do I do that? How do you make your website and blog grow? You blog good, relevant content consistently AND take good care of your blog optimization. Blogging SEO is super important, in fact it is my belief that it is even MORE important to keep your blog posts optimized than your website in general. (This does NOT mean you forget about everything else!) Why? Because each blog post has a topic, and once you get a visitor to your website, they are more likely to snoop around your site. Getting people to your website with the help of a blog post means that they are looking for something specific that you havelikely provided for them, and are therefore happy readers. This means that Google will identify your post as “relevant” and “important” and place it higher in search results. In time, with many blog posts capturing visitor attention, Google will place your website higher in search results revolving around your website’s main topic.

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Blogging SEO Checklist

Here is a Blogging SEO checklist to help you optimize your content and be found on the first page of Google for each post or article you are publishing:

Blogging SEO Checklist for Blog Etiquette BLUR subscribe prompt

Recommended Resources for WordPress Blogging SEO

To ensure your blogging SEO is up to par, I recommend downloading a WordPress SEO plugin (such as WordPress SEO by Yoast or Squirrly SEO), which will make the title & description fields extra obvious for you, and make the otherwise-hidden details visible. The premium version of this plugin even offers a ‘post audit’ and lets you know what’s missing. For ensuring you have a great blog post with awesome content that not only is optimized for Google to find, but also appeals to actual visitors (technically the most important reader!), here is a great post on ‘The Anatomy of a Blog Post’ from Lara Wellman.

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