SEO Audit & Action Plan – The DIY Option

There are many things that can be done to give your website a boost and continuously improve your web presence, site authority, and search engine results rankings. Better rankings means more visitors, which means more inquiries, and that means more money in your pocket. Got a ton a time on your hands but aren’t quite sure what to do? Let’s put a checklist together so you can opt for a DIY optimization option, and fill your roster with paying clients.

SEO Audit & Action Plan for Bloggers, Small Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a fickle thing. There are many players and many opposing teams, the rules seem to always change on a whim, and breaking SEO laws can end your website’s career faster than you can blame it on the ‘web guy’. With that said, there are also a lot of simple things that can be done to give your website a base to work with and continuously improve your web presence, site authority, and search engine results rankings. An SEO Audit will help you figure those things out.

How can an SEO Strategist help?

This is where I come in as an SEO Strategist and Website Manager. I do all the tedious and simple behind-the-scenes things that take your mind off more important tasks that you need to do for you business, often that nobody else can. I also take on larger tasks that you are incapable of doing yourself, and don’t have the time (or patience!) to learn. This means anything from correcting a typo on one of your pages, to switching everything over from one theme to another cohesively, to setting up a blog from scratch, and everything in between.

SEO audit, how to show up in google, how-to-show-up-in-google-immediately-search-engine-results-SEO-tips-tricks-optimization-webmasters-search-console-stephanie-de-montignyThe thing is, there are also many people out there, such as yourself, who know HOW to accomplish a lot of things related to your website but don’t necessarily know WHAT to do to achieve the goals you’ve set out.  This is why I have launched the SEO Audit & Action Plan, which offers a detailed checklist for you to implement on your own time, and fill your roster with clients once the inquiries come rolling in. The DIY option saves you money, and gives you the opportunity to make so much more!

What is an SEO Audit & Action Plan?

The SEO Audit & Action Plan is exactly what it sounds like. I go through your site, look through the back-end, and find all of the things your site specifically needs to change in order to improve your rankings, with the bots AND the human visitors–people often forget that it is real humans visiting their website to hire them or purchase from them, and it is the most important part.

No two websites are the same, so while generic articles and tutorials may help, they aren’t always telling you what YOU need to do. This is what I do. I scour your site for errors, downfalls, and things that you are doing correctly. I then put together an actional report of all of my findings, along with an overview of what your website needs in order to get better rankings in search results, with an actionable checklist to continue to improve your website’s SEO long after your audit. Whether you decide to complete the work yourself or hire me to complete the work myself to save you a ton of time, is entirely up to you (a portion of the SEO audit fee may be transferred towards select SEO implementation & maintenance packages).


You will also have the opportunity to schedule a follow up chat after the written report has been sent for us to verbally go through the list together should you have any clarification questions. You will also have access to the VIP Facebook group to ask questions about implementation for a whole year. I look forward to helping you get found in search results!

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Don’t have a website? I can help with that too!
I will set up a basic version of a self-hosted WordPress (.org) for you to get started and give a great impression to your online visitors. Next, I help you customize any template to match your business brand, and happily recommend a web developer if that is what your project needs. Lastly, I ensure that your website is up to date on the current standards for being found in search engines, and also verify that it’s coherent and intelligible to the humans reaching your site.


Local Services for Ottawa Businesses

While I offer my services to companies around the world, I focus on local businesses here in the Ottawa area, so that I am able to meet with you in person to discuss details, and visit your store to give you the full-service experience of what I can offer. To combine Business Photography, Website Management, and Local SEO, is to create a triple threat to boost your rankings AND your business value to real visitors. I am more than just a face behind a screen, and I strive on creating real business relationships.

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Let’s get started

Now that you’ve got all the puzzle pieces, let’s get started at putting them together. To schedule a free consultation to discuss which SEO Audit, Website Management, or SEO Setup options will suit your company best, send a message through the contact page and I am happy to create a custom package for your needs and desires, and answer any questions you may have.
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