Black Friday 2017 – SEO Action Plan & Checklist

Black Friday 2017 – SEO Action Plan & Checklist

Special Offer for Black Friday 2017

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a huge aspect of maintaining your website, and making sure that your potential clients are finding you in search results. This year for the Black Friday festivities I am launching a special offer that will last through Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. This offer is great for those of you who want to stick to SEO-à-la-DIY and for those of you who have no idea what SEO is but understand its importance.

NEW! Website SEO Action Plan

For a limited time, I am offering website audits for small businesses with a personalized SEO action plan at an incredible low price! This means that after our phone call, you will have a clear indication of what your website needs in order to get better rankings in search results, with an actionable checklist to continue to improve your website’s SEO. Whether you decide to complete the work yourself or hire me to complete the work for you is entirely up to you (audit fee can be transferred towards the SEO implementation package).

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Other Fun Business Deals for Black Friday 2017

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