Ottawa has all your B2B needs covered!

Ottawa has all your B2B needs covered!

Small Business Saturday

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Those of you who have ever met me know how much of promoter I am for supporting local businesses. My mantra is all about supporting the local community and building up our ecornomy, I would absolutely love if more of us did just that during this infamous Black Friday weekend. In fact, I highly encourage you to focus on the Small Business Saturday aspect of things instead of just giving out discounts left and right. Go out and buy a holiday gift from a local shop instead of ordering it online from the US. The exchange rate is horrendous right now anyway, and that extra few dollars to buy it locally is actually helping your city and your business. More people spending money locally means the people have more money to spend, and it begins a wonderful cycle. Let’s keep it going!

#SmallBusinessSaturday was started in November 2010 by American Express. Get your badge here.

Shop Local, Shop Small, Shop Awesome!

Over the years I have worked alongside other business owners, networked with fellow colleagues, and have become friends with some other vendors in the inductry. I decided to round up a handful of them who offer business-to-business (B2B) services and/or products, to encourage us all to keep things local, and help support our fellow community of Small Ottawa Businesses. There is no reason for us to have to search outside our own community for something that is sitting right in front of us. This Small business Saturday, let’s all lend a helping hand to each other and embrace the notion of #communityovercompetion.
This is not just another directory; nobody has paid or bribbed me to be included, and I have done some research on each business before including them because I pride myself on who I recommend to my readers.

Business Plan Writing ServicesSusan Anderson

Before you begin your adventure of being a business owner, you’ll want to make sure your plan is on point and ready-to-go, and not full of holes and “I don’t knows”. Even later in the game if you decide to change your business model or services, it is always a great idea to update your business plan. Don’t have one? Susan Anderson from BMP Doc Prep can help! She will discuss your marketing plans, your financial endeavours, your social media strategy, and create a comprehensive business plan catered to your market.

Copywriter, Editor & Content Strategist – Lindsey McCaffrey

You know you need content. But do you know what you want to say—and more importantly, how to say it? Lindsey McCaffrey identifies and writes the exact words you need to communicate to your target audiences. From blogs to website copy, case studies, sales letters, biographies, reports and more, Lindsey has spent almost two decades writing content for B2B, corporate and non-profit organizations across a multitude of industries. Also an editor and content strategist, Lindsey ensures all your written communications are clear, correct and compelling; results-driven; and brand-enhancing.

Local Search Engine Optimization Strategist – Stephanie de Montigny


So you’ve got your business name figured out you’ve got your awesome content, and now you need to build your online presence. Social media accounts are important, and a website is a must! Once you get that set up, you have to pay strategize about getting your business seen by your target market so they can hire you. The only way to do this is to make sure your reader-worthy content is optimized for being found by search engines. Yours truly, The SEO Squirrel, will help you make sure your entire website is setup in a way that gives you the ultimate opportunity to be found by your target audience. Setting you up for sucess from the ground up, and keeping you in the running with a website management package. Taking care of everything on the back-end so that you can focus on your business services and products. Don’t have a website at all? Let’s change that right away!

PR, Communications & Consulting – Darcy Boucher

Now that you’ve got your online presence figured out and headed in the right direction, you will want to devote efforts to marketing. Bowda PR offers social media strategy and management, as well as design, content creation and consulting/training. In a nutshell, they help your brand be social and effectively connect with your audience. Their motto is “we are passionate about what you do” and they act as their client’s biggest cheerleaders! Being a boutique agency, they can offer that added personal touch and customize to your needs.

Business Photographer – Stephanie de Montigny

Photo by Stephanie de Montigny, Pictured product from Chalkboard Chique.

So you’ve got everything figured out for your marketing plans; you’ve got your text content, you’ve got your publishing outlets listed, you’ve created a small inventory of pruducts and you are to sell. Or are you? You absolutely need photographs of your products if you intent to sell them, and not just the cell photos you’ve been taking for your social feeds. It is important to have professional images of your products, even if your product is an intangible service. Your marketing materials absolutely need to have professional portraits of your product, your shop if you have one, and YOU if your product is you (services, etc.). The key is variety and giving the viewer a reason to contact you or buy your product because they can see themselves using it. Go ahead and read a great blog post about product photography tips for small businesses.

Corporate Displays & Marketing MaterialsCatherine Priestman

Online and offline marketing are equally important, and finding the ratio that suits your business is the key to success. CP Business Solutions is a great place to start for your offline marketing needs. They offer distinctive branding and graphic design, information marketing for advertizing campaigns, and gorgeous corporate & exibit displays. Heck, they even deliver to the venue and set everything up!

Virtual Assistant – Sue Solomon Morin & Team

Feeling overwhelmed at your growing to-do list? Are there tasks that require a large time commitment and you find that the little things not getting done are starting to make a big impact? You need help. Can’t afford to hire a full-time employee? At HBS Business Solutions, they are a virtual assistant (VA) team that assist small to medium size businesses. They provide you with peace of mind, by taking care of the day to day tasks so that you can focus on your clients and gaining new business. They offer a number of services that include the main administrative tasks, data entry, research, vacation coverage and social media for business development.

Have Any Recommendations?

While my list includes many great local businesses in the Ottawa area, I am sure there are a ton of other worthy entrepreneurs that operate a B2B business. Go ahead and share a small blurb about what they do in the comments below. Be sure to include their website URL or retail address so we can take a look!

Happy Shopping!

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  • Thanks for including HBS Business Solutions in your latest article. Supporting local is so important these days! A great article with some great points.

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