Business Photography & Branding

Business Photography & Branding

Business Photography is all about  creating stylized or lifestyle images of you and your business for your website and social feeds to showcase the true brand of your business. Starting with business portraits (headshots), and completing your site with shop photos (retail or pop-up booth) & product photography.

Headshots, Business Photography, Shop Portraits & Product Photos

Branding isn’t always about the pretty logos and graphic design. While the logo is the visual representation of you, and the pretty graphics help propel the business, you are the business brand. People chose YOU. So let’s put the graphics on hold and get your best face forward, literally.

These are the key visuals that you need on your website, even over promotional graphics (those come later–we have great recommendations). Sure your logo is important for brand recognition, but it only really starts to work once you’ve got a following and have built a name for yourself.

Think of it this way: Coke wasn’t always about the logo, in fact they’ve changed it countless times over the years. It’s the name that’s recognized world wide. It was about service and their product. That being said, you still need to be visually recognizable in the sea of others. Coca Cola had the consistency of the colour red, against the blue of their direct competition (Pepsi Cola) they stuck out as different visually, but with a product so similar they needed to find another way to win over clients such as taste and tantalizing experience.

What’s yours? YOU. You are the difference from the next shop down the road: your personality, your customer service, your products, your front end (retail store and online shop).


To start, let’s get your face out there to represent yourself with a great headshot. People are always more likely to buy from someone they trust. Meeting in person is ideal, but getting your face in front of them virtually helps them get to know you even sooner. When someone feels as if they know you, it builds trust.

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Business Portraits

Business Portraits are a little different than the standard headshot. They allow the audience to get to know you a little more than just seeing your face. They can be studio images, they can be captured in your place of business, or you can have beauty portraits captured. You can even have your portrait taken at your booth while attending a pop-up or trade-show! The main goal is that they represent YOU and your business. The most ideal are actually captured in your place of business, and they can either be staged poses or in-action shots. The in-action and lifestyle images will speak the loudest to your potential clients because they show an example of the service you are offering and the work ethic. Examples: If you sell accessories, make sure you are wearing one in your portraits to show that you value your own product. If you offer a behind-the-scenes service, include a testimonial from a client along with their photo, or your headshot. If you offer a service, ask a client to participate in a semi-staged photoshoot where you can be captured interacting with your audience. The opportunities are endless!

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Shop Photos & Product Photography

Once you’ve built your foundation of trust, we can then focus on getting images of your shop and products on there to sell for you. You want to show your space for its uniqueness, and the products for their quality and purpose. Professional images are your best friend when trying to sell products online. They allow you to showcase your products that much better, and it goes a great way to help them sell themselves. In fact, buyers are much more likely to purchase when there is a product photo, especially if it is a professionally captured image, and even more likely to buy when there is an in-use photo too. Read more about the benefits of product photography.

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Shop photos are a great resource because they give your visitor an idea of the vibe of your shop, and allow the visual aspects to speak volumes about your store and products. Including photos of your store on your website makes it seem more inviting, and encourages visitors on your website to actually go into your shop for a visit to make their purchase. Even if you don’t have a brick & mortar shop and only operate a booth at various markets and/or trade shows, including images from these setups is important because they offer the same benefits. Having professional images of your booth, store, and products will help sales increase because they convey quality in addition to the allure of the shop/product itself. See these business photography examples from various Ottawa shops and merchants.

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Take a look at our Headshot & Business Photography Portfolio.

Let’s get started

Now that you’ve got all the puzzle pieces, let’s get started at putting them together. Send a message through the business photography rates page and let’s create a custom package for your needs and desires, and answer any questions you may have.

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