Meet Stephanie de Montigny, The SEO Squirrel

Meet Stephanie de Montigny, The SEO Squirrel

Who is Stephanie de Montigny, The SEO Squirrel

Hi there! My name is Stephanie de Montigny. I’m a specialized newborn photographer by day, and digital marketer by night, and you have stumbled upon my official SEO and website management services website. I look forward to working with you.

The business side of things


I absolutely consider myself a Jill-of-all-trades. I may be good at a lot of things, I pride myself on being great at what I offer my clients. In fact, I’ve learnt one of the most difficult things on earth: saying NO to what doesn’t make me happy. I have studied ‘the internet’ through research, courses, and the good ol’ trial&error method. I stay updated on the latest search engine chatter, and adapt to the new and ‘improved’ (or not!) methods that companies like Google, Yahoo and Bing have implemented. I have been a photographer for as long as I can remember, professionally for the last 4+ years, and found my niche in business portraits (headshots) and commercial photography (shop & product photos) earlier this year when cataloging my newborn props inventory (who knew!?). While I am a whiz at designing my own promotional materials, I do not consider myself a professional graphic designer; I just happen to be able to incorporate a lot of the typical tasks of one into my workflow. Same goes for my talents at customizing templates; I do not market myself as a web designer, I’m just really good at personalizing WordPress templates and polishing off existing html.

My primary services are website management & search engine optimization: consistent upkeep and updates of website and its content, and making sure they get found. For the website management service, I become the face behind the website to keep things running smoothly: update the back-end software and plugins, prepare and publish new content, optimize each post/page/media/etc. to be found in search engines. For the SEO portion, I offer the initial setup for search engine optimization, in addition to the upkeep with new content and new ‘rules’ from the search engines.

I work primarily with LOCAL small businesses because I am all about the face-to-face connection, especially in an industry such as the online world. I much prefer to meet with my clients in person to go over all the details, get to know them a little better, and perhaps actually frequent their store. With being local, I am able to offer the added service of photography: business portraits, headshots, product photos, and retail photography (inside their shop). This adds a whole new level of personal and I love it!

Let’s get personal

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To keep things light, I am going to keep this section as a list:

  • I live in the National Capital Region of Ottawa, technically on the Gatineau side.
  • I have a succulent garden constantly propagating (who doesn’t love plant babies!?).
  • I like dessert (especially pie!).
  • I share my days with a wonderful partner, who encourages me to chase my dreams.
  • I went to the University of Ottawa for languages, despite being an artsy math geek at heart.
  • I had a pet squirrel named Lex (read more about that story here).
  • I was a Scout growing up and I loved it! There’s just something soothing about camping in the woods..
  • I absolutely love textures, and prefer neutral & organic tones, but love to experiment with colour. This applies to all aspects of my life.
  • I host a monthly game night, and it’s awesome!
  • I love way too many tv shows to elaborate, but to name a few: Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Law & Order SVU, Orange is the New Black, Forever (so sad it got cancelled!), and oh so many more.
  • I am a ‘love to cook and bake; not so much do the dishes afterwards’ kind of gal.
  • I strangely love horror movies because I think they are funny (though a blood-pumping scary thriller is devine).
  • For someone who is so super tech savvy, I absolutely LOVE to have tangible items in my hands! I’m the type of person who still owns all the movies on DVD (and VHS!), the person who buys the actual books and magazines from the store to flip through, the person who has canvases all over the walls of their home, and the person who loves getting mail (maybe too much?).
  • I love the smell of baking cinnamon buns, fresh lemonade, and roses. I can’t stand the smell of peeling oranges, cooking bacon, popcorn, or freshly cut grass.
  • I like vintage, cutesy & old, rustic, and woodsy things.
  • I am known in my ‘circle’ as the Excel Guru because I use it for almost everything.
  • I am fluent bilingual in English and French, and have a basic working knowledge of Spanish.
  • I really like lists. Ha ha.

To learn more about the services offered, please visit the About section.

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