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Stephanie de Montigny, The SEO Squirrel

The SEO Squirrel offers website management to local businesses, completing small tasks like updating product inventory or uploading new content, to bigger projects like setting up a website from scratch, and everything in between. Client needs vary, and thus so do the services and packages. The goal is to make sure your website is the last thing on your mind, and the first on mine.

The SEO squirrel also offers branding & business photography. Business portraits (headshots) and product photography are available in your local shop or our photography studio. They can be included within website management packages or as a separate entity.

The blog will be flowing with SEO tips & tricks to help those who are on the more tech savvy side of things, and for those less technologically inclined, I am happy to complete the tasks for you.

The brains behind the operation

I am a University of Ottawa graduate with many different skills in my repertoire. I am a newborn photographer by day, and a digital marketer by night. With degrees in languages and education, and a background in business, math and computer science, I’ve got quite the knowledge base in addition to a creative mind. Read more about Stephanie.

The story behind ‘the SEO squirrel’

A few years ago a friend and I rescued a newborn squirrel with no fur, no eyesight, no hearing and a broken tail, from the scary place that is downtown Ottawa. This past winter we were successfully able to release him into Gatineau Park to live amongst the wild. Along the way, we learnt new things about raising a squirrel, what makes them horrible pets, and what makes hem the most cuddly snuggle-buddies. Very similar to the World Wide Web actually, along with the challenges owning a business website can bring. Search engines like Google or Yahoo can be your best friend, or your worst enemy. The trick is knowing how.

I look forward to working with you.

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